Sixfive Media launches Another Zelda Podcast


Sixfive Media launches Another Zelda Podcast

Sept 4th, 2018; Chicago, IL – It’s Another Zelda Podcast! Sixfive Media is very excited to announce Another Zelda Podcast, the newest video game podcast that brings context and in-depth conversations to the world of gaming on The Legend of Zelda. A long-format episode full of information about Zelda, Another Zelda Podcast is a celebration of all things gaming. Each episode will tell a larger story of gamer experience or break down game design, production, and story development, using a casual format.

The Legend of Zelda is a cherished video game; Another Zelda Podcast will help you see it in a fun new light.

“We are very excited to expand upon the success of Technophiles,” said Leona Liu, Sixfive Media’s general manager of podcasts. “Listeners will get the same high-quality content they have come to expect from Technophiles – only applied to The Legend of Zelda, in focused episodes tailored for Zelda fans.”

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